BOE Meeting Reminder: 10/22/18

BOE Meeting Reminder: 10/22/18

Millstone Township School District
Board of Education Meeting
Monday, October 22, 2018

Middle School Media Center, Public Portion beginning @ 7:30 pm

Our board meetings are now airing on Cablevision, Channel 77 and Fios, Channel 43. Our
meetings will generally show on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at 9:00pm and
on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 9:00am.
Members of the community at large are encouraged to attend Board Meetings as a way
to learn about the important happenings in the school district. Members are also invited
to speak on behalf of any agenda items or other topics they would like for the Board of
Education to hear.
If you ever have any questions and would like a response sooner than waiting for a Board of Education
Meeting, please feel free to reach out to me at 732-786-0950 ext 51010 or email me at

Thank you,                  

Dr. Chris Huss
Superintendent of Schools