School Lunch Payment Portal Information

NEW: School Lunch Payment Portal

To the Parents/ Guardians,

Nutri Serve Food added a new Cash Register System last school year. As part of the LunchTime suite of software, SchoolPaymentPortal is being offered as a safe, secure and convenient way for parents or guardians of students manage school payments. You will have the opportunity to track purchases, create reminders and set up automatic payments. The automatic payment portion will be available shortly. In the meantime you can set up your account and view their daily transactions.  Below is a guide to setting up your students account.  If you do not want to pay on-line and would like to continue sending in money with your student, you are still able to create a user name and password to track your students’ purchases and see how much money is on the account.

Below is a quick guide to setting up your User ID. If you would like detailed information use the “School Payment Portal Parent Guide”. This document will assist new users with the most basic functionality of SchoolPaymentPortal. Any questions or concerns with a student’s account should be directed to Darlene Barney, Food Service Director at 732-786-0950 ext 48031 or at

To set up your account your can visit or follow the link under Parents on the District Website.

  • Enter 08510 (Middle School) 08535 (Primary & Elementary)in the box for zip code then hit search.
  • A list of schools in that zip code will show
  • Click on Your School and enter your information (you will create your password here) then click on create account.
  • Click on HERE to take you to the Home Page
  • Enter your E-mail Address and Password you just created
  • Click HERE to add students
  • Enter your students last name and student ID number  then click search
    • From here you can view your students account to see their balance and what they have purchased since the first day of school or add funds to your students account.



Credit Card Payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)

2.3% + $1.00 per transaction


Parent/Guardian Deposits $50.

Credit Card Payment: The parent/guardian would be charged $50 that is deposited to the district bank account as well as a $2.15 convenience fee paid to us to cover the fee processing expenses.

Click HERE for the Parents Guide to School Payment Portal